Environmental Stewardship Strategies and Solutions
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  • American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists, USA (2014-Present)
    • Board Certified Environmental Engineering Member (2014-Present)

Professional Nominations and Affiliations

  • Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee, Chesapeake Bay Program, USA (2006-Present)
    • Executive Board (2010-2014)
    • Alignment Action Team (2011-2014)


  • Water Environment Federation (WEF), USA (1985-Present)
    • Municipal Wastewater Treatment Design (MWTD) Committee (2004-Present)
    • Volunteers of the Future Task Group (2013-2014)
    • MRRD Liaison for Algal Biomass Organization (2010-2012)
    • Biofuels Technology Task Force (2010-2012)
    • WEF Representative, Energy Star Program, United States Environmental Protection Agency (2004-2008)
    • Nutrient Control Task Force (1993-1998, 2006-2010)
    • Design of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants Manual of Practice (MOP8) Review Group (2006-2010)
    • Energy Efficiency Group (2006-2008)
    • WEF Representative, Optimization of Wastewater and Solids Operations Group, Water Environment Research Foundation (2007-2012)
    • Literature Review Committee (2006-2012)
  • Pennsylvania Water Environment Association (PWEA), USA
    • Research Committee (2000-2001, 2006-Present)
    • Training Committee (2006-Present)


  • International Water Association, UK
    • Specialist Group on Anaerobic Digestion
    • Specialist Group on Lake and Reservoir Management
    • Specialist Group on Nutrient Removal and Recovery
    • Specialist Group on Sanitation and Water Management in Developing Countries
    • Specialist Group on Waste Stabilization Ponds
    • Specialist Group on Water Reuse

  • Scientists without Borders

  • International Professors Project (2006-Present)
    • Board of Directors (2006-2010)


Life Memberships

  • Indian Environmental Association
  • Indian Association for Environmental Management
  • Solar Energy Society of India