Environmental Stewardship Strategies and Solutions

Mission: Provide innovative environmental stewardship strategies and solutions around the world


In today's interconnected world, given the complex interactions among population growth, industrial activity, resource depletion, energy use, and climate change, the environmental professional faces multifaceted challenges to protect and improve environmental quality while ensuring sustainable development and well-being. At PEACE USA, we are cognizant of these challenges and are fully equipped to provide innovative environmental stewardship strategies and solutions worldwide.

Why Environmental Stewardship?


At PEACE USA we firmly believe environmental stewardship...

  • Makes not only environmental sense but also economic sense
  • Can generate profit rather than be a cost

Business Philosophy


We consider our clients as partners and work closely with them to achieve their environmental and corporate objectives. Our environmental strategies and solutions

  • Save costs
  • Generate revenues
  • Provide attractive returns on investment (ROIs)

Engagement Models


We pride ourselves in being nimble, efficient, and flexible. Depending upon specific client needs, we

  • Participate in new or ongoing ventures to strengthen leadership teams through PEACE USA's areas of expertise
  • Develop and commercialize innovative technologies in collaboration with the inventor(s) and spin off commercialized products
  • Deliver complete environmental solutions integrating the most appropriate and cost-effective technologies
  • Identify, facilitate, and manage strategic national and international partnerships
    • Excellent worldwide network
    • Experience working with the US Department of Commerce to identify joint-venture partners